warehouse parking lot line paintingFor almost a decade now, we at Line King are proud to say that we have had no reported accidents or injuries related to any of our projects or with any of our clients, none… not one! This is a great testament to all the team members here at Line King Corporation and safety is something we take very seriously at every stage of your project.

Risk mitigation and management spearheads our initial planning where our site surveyor completes a risk management assessment along with a client needs analysis that takes into account the flow, use and daily activities of our clients and how best we can allow them to keep their staff and their customers safe whilst on site at all times. A well thought through plan considers risks associated with not just vehicular traffic but also people walking and working in these zones. Working with our clients in partnership, we explore every possible situation which may also include planning for future growth and expansion this works best for all parties to achieve the best result for the location and individual business needs in a timely manor with experienced industry experts at a fair cost.

The next stage is correct application, whilst it looks simple, there is so much more to just highway line painting and parking lot line painting. We consider the best use of specific areas such as loading or working, parking, loading or holding but not forgetting safe passage from other department members entering or passing through an area. We complete the project using state of the art paint technology, fade resistant for durability along with anti skid, anti slip and anti mould, not forgetting to make it highly visible and coherent during daylight and night time working hours and in all weather condition.

An example project would be designing warehouse line painting and staging zones, as experienced industry experts we create a plan that not only helps make warehouses a safer place for people directly working in them but also passes by this could be clients arriving on site or staff from other departments passing through high risk areas. Another consideration is that the planned design allows your business to run smoothly and more efficiently maximising profitability from your real estate and productivity which in turn increases your profit potential and return on investment but safety is always the overriding factor.

A final consideration is the ongoing parking lot maintenance from daily wear and use as well as giving us an opportunity for any reviews due to any significant business changes. At Line King we see our clients are long-term customers, we want to understand your business, which in turn helps us fulfil ours.

In closing we always consider the legal implications and potential liability thus making sure we meet local and national Health and Safety at work laws, an example would be a large warehouse where you are required to mark out the path to the nearest fire exit.

With proper planning, high quality products and advanced technology, combined with quality workmanship, this ensures that your working zone/ site is a safer place for all of your staff, customers and passers whilst being correctly marked to adhere to health and safety guidelines.