Highway Road Marking Safety in Calgary, Alberta

While parking lot line painting and parking lot maintenance, in general, are meant to improve the safety around the parking area, this line of work can be risky at times with a number of occupational hazards. Accidents and injuries are a common occurrence and every year, many line painting crew members lose their life or suffer severe injuries in the course of employment. The same is true for highway works, such as highway road marking and highway maintenance.

Danger is a daily concern in these jobs and the majority of injuries and fatalities often result from a number of factors including, human error, distracted drivers, machinery, equipment, environmental issues and negligence.

Calgary’s roads and parking lots are some of the busiest in Canada.  They also make up for some of the most unsafe work areas.  In terms of overall occupational safety, current national figures show casualties and injuries are at their highest level.  A good number of these safety problems are caused by workers being struck by oncoming vehicles, or them being injured by machinery and equipment or failure by the professionals to put on protective gear while at the workplace.

Some companies like Line King Corporation have begun working towards creating a safer culture in an effort to curb or reduce the number of deaths as well as injuries among line painting crews. Here is how we do this;

We Have Created a Strong Baseline for Our New Safety Culture

We have established a solid baseline for our new culture, highlighting the strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. We have also come up with a vision alongside an improvement strategy and communicated it to all of our line crews. This will help them embrace the new culture in order to reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to carelessness at the workplace.

We Are Educating Our Crews about the New Culture

At Line King Corporation, we understand the crucial role that highway and parking lot maintenance crews can play in promoting a safe culture with respect to highway and parking lot usage.

We now conduct appropriate employee training sessions that support the safety culture for our roads and parking lots. We train them in areas like, critical error reduction techniques, hazard identification and risk assessment, and so on. We ensure that our crews know how to recognize potential hazardous conditions, practices and behaviors in the field and how to avoid these dangerous conditions to reduce the number of deaths and injuries that come from our industry.

We Ensure Employee Involvement

Employee involvement is the most important factor when it comes to occupational safety in our line of work. At Line King Corporation, we know that this is the most critical aspect of sustaining a culture of road and parking lot safety. We get and sustain employee involvement in safety through many different ways.

We Show Continuous Improvement– Sustainability

We always reassess and readjust our strategies for promoting the culture of safety.  We recognize progress, setbacks as well as barriers accordingly and remain flexible to meet changing needs.


Over the past few years, top highway line painting and parking lot maintenance companies have begun to recognize the vital contribution that an effective safety culture can make towards the reduction of potential occupational safety hazards in this line of work. Occupational safety is today a collective responsibility of both line painting crews and their employers, rather than being the sole duty of the crews as has traditionally been the case. Any serious line painting and highway road marking company should make an effort to promote a safer culture in this line of work because there are so many hazards that we cannot continue to ignore any longer.

At Line King Corporation, we believe that all our employees deserve to feel safe every day at any level of work. We also feel that by encouraging a safer culture in the workplace, we are contributing to the overall safety of our line painting crews and impacting road and parking lot users positively. We do our best to keep everyone safe.  One of our most important safety strategies is sensitizing a safer culture on the road and in the parking lot. You too can help us reduce the number of fatalities and injuries among those who help make your roads and parking spaces safe by supporting our new safety initiative today. Feel free to talk to us today about your highway road marking and parking lot maintenance needs.