Many businesses in Calgary have recurring maintenance needs. A number of organizations rely on contractors for the maintenance and improvement of their walkways, driveways and parking lots. This has seen a whole industry emerge around commercial maintenance and improvement. Commercial painting is currently one of the most viable sectors in the city today. While there are many companies that provide highway line painting, parking lot line painting and parking lot maintenance, one cannot expect the same experience and quality of service from every other company out there. It pays to know how to choose the right Calgary company for your line painting, parking lot painting or parking lot maintenance needs. The following guide will help you find the right professional for your upcoming project;


Experience should be your number one criterion when shopping for a company to complete your line painting or parking lot project. An experienced contractor is able to interpret your project ideas into outstanding real life results. What’s more, hiring someone who knows all the ins and outs of the trade means they can make suggestions on the best way to go forward with what’s available, thereby saving time as well as other resources.


When choosing the right Calgary company for your line painting or parking lot solutions needs, accreditation is the second most important factor you should take into consideration. It ensures quality services for the benefit of the clients and the parking lot maintenance industry as a whole. Choosing a company that is certified for your maintenance project will come with a perk of benefits. For instance, your certified contractor will be someone who possesses an in-depth knowledge of materials alongside reliable techniques. He/she will also be an individual who is well acquainted with the local and regional codes necessary for the project, ensuring professional, quality work which meets today’s nationally-recognized standards as well as practices.


For any serious line painting or parking lot solutions company, business insurance is a must not only for the benefit of the client but also for the contractor themselves. There are two types of insurance policies that any contractor who is dedicated to their work should have. These are;

Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

This policy provides compensation to injured workers, irrespective of who was at fault in the accident. It also offers benefits to the contractors loved ones in the event of loss of life. If the contractor is working alone, then the workers compensation policy may or may not be very necessary however at Line King our entire team has complete coverage.

Liability Insurance Policy

This policy covers property damage and injuries caused as a result of the contractor’s work. However, it will not compensate for the cost of repairing or replacing bad work. Before you hire a company for your line painting project or parking lot maintenance needs, it is imperative that you pay attention these business insurance policies. Otherwise, you might end up paying out of your own pocket, especially if your homeowner’s policy is not enough to cover the bills should the contractor get injured or an accident occur on your property. Ask to see certificates of insurance, and then contact the insurance provider to check if the policy is up to date and carries adequate coverage for your project.

The Safety Measures that Line King Corporation Has Put In Place

Safety is another key concern when it comes to line painting and parking lot maintenance. There are many possible risks and dangers involved in the process. For instance, falls resulting from slips and trips, machine injury, gas and electrical accidents as well as exposure to harmful paint ingredients are some of the potential safety hazards that may be present in the work area. Therefore, before you engage a contractor, you will need to be satisfied about the competence of the contractor to carry out the work safely. To make a sound judgment, ask about the safety measures they have put in place to prevent injuries and accidents. For instance, do they make use of personal protective equipment? Are their work machinery alongside equipment well maintained and safe? Do they have adequate safety plans and emergency procedures?


Your commercial property is the public image of your business. Maintaining the look of your walkways, paving, and parking lot is a great way you can make a good first impression to your customers. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that knowing how to choose the right Calgary line painting company or contractor is the key to having an impressive commercial outdoor space.

When you include experience, certification, insurance and safety in your search criteria, there is a 99.9% chance that you will find the perfect contractor. At Line King, we take pride in our business and our customers. Contact us today for all of your parking lot maintenance, highway line painting, and parking lot line painting needs.