highway line painting safety firstThe Importance of Repainting Parking Lots and Lines On Highways

Road and parking lot line markings are important aspects of safe and efficient roadway as well as parking lot usage respectively. Road markings convey information to roadway users, indicating which part of the road to use, where passing is allowed and warn motorists about any potential danger ahead. Parking lot line markings ensure safe and efficient parking as well as traffic flow around the parking area.

Road and parking lot markings undergo tremendous wear and tear on a day-to-day basis because of the nature of their task. The intense daily deterioration of these markings is caused by vehicles and the elements.

Depending on the quality of paint and work done, parking lot lines and road markings may wear off completely, even within 6 months of application. This may necessitate the need for professional parking lot line repainting or highway line painting services to restore the worn off painting.

Repainting and refreshing the painted lines are top road and parking lot maintenance tasks. The importance of these 2 critical parking lot and road maintenance tasks include;

Preservation Of Safety for Motorists and Pedestrians

Global statistics indicate that the most dangerous roads and highways are those with poorly visible or worn out road markings. One explanation for this is that it’s so much difficult for motorists to be aware of potentially hazardous conditions ahead without properly maintained and visible markings.

There are many reports about road accidents, in which some have caused deaths to the motorists and their passengers as well as pedestrians. Many of these road carnage scenarios are reported to be as a result of missing or unclear line markings.

Road and parking lot line markings play a significant role in promoting safety on the road and around parking areas. These line markings provide crucial information as well as instructions to drivers about road alignment or parking lot design, vehicle positioning, and other important road or parking lot details.

Keeping Road and Parking Lot Users on their Lanes and in the Right Places

You see, many roads are divided into unidirectional or bidirectional lanes, with 2 or numerous lanes. In simpler bidirectional traffics, the road is divided into two sides, requiring drivers to keep either to the right or to the left side of the road. You can’t just simply go to whichever side you please even when you are in a rush since this will surely be a very risky affair for other road users. Not only would your car be rammed, your actions would also cause other motorists to suffer as well.

Unfortunately, besides other major causes, many road accidents occur as a result of unintentional lane departure, especially in unidirectional traffics.

Another key purpose of road lines is to prevent motorists from leaving their lanes. These surface markings ensure no one goes to sides that are not meant for them.

Visual Appeal

Doesn’t a freshly lined road or parking lot look just cool? For a road, aesthetic appeal may not sound like a big deal, but for a parking lot, that’s actually an important consideration. That is because how people will judge your business is based majorly on looks as well as first impressions.

Preventing Parking Lot Chaos and Misunderstandings

With the frustrations of modern life, people can get into nasty fights over very petty reasons. Many a times, we have seen motorists yelling at each other just because one got the other person’s parking space. Female drivers are more likely to get caught up in this scenario.

Parking lot chaos can be avoided if the line markings on the surface are visible and with sufficient space, where everyone can open their doors without having to inconvenience each other. Parking lot line repainting ensures there will not be a problem in the parking area, since every driver will know where they are required to park immediately they drive into a parking lot.

Being On the Safe Side of the Law

Did you know that there are actually certain legal rules that parking lots must follow? Markings and lines such as disabled designations and crosswalks for pedestrians, fire lane indication lines as well as traffic flow control lines and arrows must be included. Parking lot line repainting preserves these markings and lines and ensures they are clearly visible.


Motorists rely on road and parking lot line markings for safe and efficient roadway or parking lot usage. If the markings are worn off, professional parking lot line repainting or highway line painting services are essential to ensure repainting is done in accordance with local regulations.

At LineKing Corp, we provide comprehensive professional line striping and parking lot painting services. We also offer a broad range of road line marking services, from small feeder roads to major highways. Talk to us today about your project.