Every great organization knows that customer service excellence is something that cannot be achieved overnight or in the short-run. This is because service excellence is a gradual journey and not a quick journey. The organization understands the need to constantly push the bar to get even better at what it does.

At Line King Corporation, we strive every day to attain our ultimate service excellence goals and objectives, Here is how we strive to achieve those goals and objectives not only to make our customers happy, but also to grow the entire Calgary community;

We Make Sure that We Are Always Accessible

A great company that values customer experience goes above and beyond to make itself effortlessly accessible to the customer on the customer’s preferred channel. Customers face so many frustrations in their day to day life. They have difficult family and career situations alongside many other stresses of life.

At Line Kings, we understand that our customers undergo enough day to day hardships already and we don’t want to be another headache for them. That is why we make sure that reaching out to us at any one time is never a problem. We offer many different ways for you to contact us, including phone, traditional mail, email, and Google+. All of our communication channels are open to our valued customers.  

We Ensure Timely and Comprehensive Responses

When a client, or prospective client takes the time to contact a business for some sort of assistance, it is only fair that they get a response within a reasonable timeframe. Communication is key. After all, nobody likes to be kept waiting. Unfortunately, most businesses that claim to provide excellent customer service do an average job, at best, of responding to clients in a timely manner. It is quite sad to imagine how customers go through the frustrations of long waits whenever they reach out to organizations for some kind of help.

At Line King Corporation, our case is different; we have a great support team that works tirelessly to ensure that customers always get timely and comprehensive response to their queries. This is one way we show our commitment to customer service and to helping grow the Calgary community.

We Are Committed to Resolve your Complaints

By the time the client makes the decision to contact support, they are already frustrated with something and a good Calgary line painting company that is committed to provide excellent customer service should make sure not to add to that frustration.

At Line kings, we vow to help you through each and every issue you may encounter after we have concluded your project. Our polite and patient support team will listen to your complaints; forward those complaints to the appropriate team who will then find a way to resolve the issue. Some companies will systematically drag their heels over the matter until you give up.

We Are Committed to Listen to All of Your Feedback

At Line Kings, we understand that customer feedback is something that helps shape the future of our services. Not only do we love to hear all the great praises from our customers, but we also acknowledge that we are not perfect. Therefore, we don’t frown upon criticism and negative feedback; instead we learn from these responses and make an effort to improve. That is another way that we demonstrate our commitment to customer service and to helping grow the Calgary community.

We Treat Our Customers with Respect

At Line King Corporation, we accommodate all kinds of customers irrespective of their temperament. Whether they are rude, irate, complaining or demanding, we love all of our customers and treat them with complete respect. Service excellence is all about continuing to treat your customers respectfully, despite their shortcomings because even the most difficult customers can eventually come to appreciate you if you keep on demonstrating respect and dignity towards them.


Ensuring service excellence demands a lot of sacrifice and that’s what many organizations are not ready to make. Many companies that claim to provide outstanding customer service actually offer something that is a lot more different from their assertions.

Here at Line King Corporation, we see no need to lie to our customers about service. We acknowledge the fact that nobody can be perfect, but we strive tirelessly to achieve our ultimate service goals and objectives to make our customers happy and grow the Calgary community. We are easily accessible, we ensure timely and comprehensive response to your queries, we are committed to resolve your complaints and listen to your feedback, and finally we treat you with respect. Go ahead and give us a try today. Contact Line King for all of your high way road marking, parking lot maintenance, and parking lot line painting needs.