parking lot maintenance in calgary albertaThe Importance of Keeping a Parking Lot Maintained

Parking spaces are extremely important to businesses. A business should have sufficient parking space to provide its employees, customers and guests with a place to park their vehicles. Given that automobiles are the major means of transportation, a business should meet the needs of motorists. If people cannot find a place to park, these individuals may not return to your premises to do some more business with you.

 Cleaning your parking lot, painting and repairing cracks as well as potholes in the space, on a regular basis can provide several benefits for yourself, your employees, your customers and your guests. Some of these benefits include;

Reduction Of Future Costly Repair or Replacement

Keeping your parking lot well maintained can save you a lot of money on major repair or replacement projects in future. Keeping up with consistent seal coatings, fillings and crack repairs can help ensure a longer lifespan for your asphalt parking space. These solutions help to prevent a myriad of damaging factors from affecting your parking lot.

To Preserve the Beauty of Your Parking Space

Apart from cost reduction, visual appeal is another major benefit of taking good care of your parking space. The aesthetic value of a well-maintained lot cannot be compared to one that has been neglected. The beauty of the space can add to the reputation of your organization. When your parking lot is clean, smooth, well-painted, and free of cracks as well as potholes, it makes you look more professional and trustworthy.

To Avoid Liability Issues

Ensuring safety around your commercial property for the dozens of people who walk in and out should be a major priority. If your parking lot is riddled with holes and cracks, it is very easy for an accident to happen, leaving somebody injured. When this occurs, you can be sued for negligence and ordered by the law to pay the victim a significant amount of cash in compensation. Not only this, your visitors may also file claims for pothole-related damages to their vehicles. Ongoing maintenance keeps your parking lot safe for your guests and their vehicles. It reduces your chances of being held responsible for these types of issues.

A Clean Concrete Surface

If you have a concrete parking lot, then it is important to understand that while this material will resist staining, concrete is still porous and will absorb many different types of staining liquids. This is especially true if it lacks maintenance on a regular basis. Besides routine concrete repair and maintenance, you should have a professional clean your concrete parking space at least once after every 6 months. And if there is noticeable staining on the surface, then you should have it cleaned up immediately.

To Help Your Customers Move In a Comfortable and Safe Manner through your Parking Lot

Line painting your parking lot not only allows for proper traffic flow but also ensures easier and safer parking. Clearly showing traffic direction, where parking is not allowed, and which spots are designated for disabled parking helps your customers move comfortably and safely through your parking lot. When your lines are well-marked, vehicles know how to move efficiently in the parking lot.

As soon as paint is applied, it begins to wear off due to several factors including, the amount of traffic coming in and out of the lot, severe weather and the quality of the paint. Therefore, it is recommended that you repaint your line every 12-18 months.


Your parking lot deserves a good maintenance plan to keep it safe, functional, durable and impressive. The plan should include parking lot maintenance, regular cleaning, line painting, cracks and pothole repair.

If you are worried about the state of your commercial parking lot, do feel free to talk to us to learn how we can assist you in keeping it in tiptop condition.

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